Fibromyalgia is considered to be untreatable by many Doctors.  Patients with Fibromyalgia usually live with multiple set of symptoms such as:  fatigue, insomnia, physical pain, anxiety, and depression.  After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, patients are expected to live with emotional and physical discomfort for the rest of their life.  Many are content to become the victim of conventional labeling, and accepting to live with the idea that there is no cure for their condition.  Base on my clinical observation, Fibromyalgia, is highly associated with psychological pain due to a feeling of “victim-consciousness” that may have evolved from early childhood abused (sexually, emotionally, and physically), or a successive emotional traumas, that occurred during their adult life, that leads to a sense of loss of purpose, social identity and a sense of belonging to a community, which than leads to an onset of intense psychological stress or PTSD.

Patients I have encounter with Fibromyalgia are female, and may have suffer from one of the following trauma such as: a history of divorce after many years of marriage, experience a sudden loss of love one, a dramatic changes in a down grading of social status, or a history of sexually, emotionally, physically abused in early childhood.  In my observation these are common conditions that are precursor to the onset of my Fibromyalgia patents.  These patterns lead me to believe that Fibromyalgia is an expression of psychological pain due to residual emotional trauma.

Thus, I find it more effective in treating Fibromyalgia at the psychological level to more effective than, conventionally, pursue, which is a physically based approached. When I approached o treat Fibromyalgia patients at the emotional, psychological and physical level, simultaneously, I find that the result is more drastic and sustainable in term of their healing process.  I typically perform massage therapy and Acupuncture to address issues at the physical and emotional level. While using nutrition and herbal medicine to address and rebuild patient’s constitution and employing Buddhist counselling to address their psychological pain.

There is hope for those that have Fibromyalgia.  Please, seek professional alternative therapy, if you don’t find success in conventional treatment.  There is help!